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My Story

So my journey actually began way back when in '03 when I had my first hysteroscopy and was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus.  In 2007, I had an hsg and reconfirmed my bicornuate uterus, but my tubes were clear.  In 2008, I had a laparoscopy and had endo removed and an endometrioma cyst drained.  I stopped TTC at that point as I had other issues than just infertility as I was also in a very unhealthy relationship.  I restarted in '10 when I met the love of my life and I got remarried.  We didn't try naturally for too long as I knew my endo was probably back and there were already issues.  December 2010 is when we had are first appointment with the RE.  He decided that we needed to try without surgery first as endo doesn't always prevent pregnancy.  We tried 3 rounds of femara/ovidrel/iui's with no success.  Then he looked at my hsg and determined this wasn't a bicornuate uterus, but actually a septate uterus.  This could be corrected with surgery and the septum needed to be removed.  In April of 2010, I had another laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with a septum resection and had stage I endo removed.  After removing the septum, I was diagnosed with a septate and bicornuate uterus.  He removed the septum all the way up to the muscle where the bicornuate uterus.  So now I only have a bicornuate uterus.  Now we will continue back with iui's and pray that our problems have been fixed this time.  And our journey continues...

So why blog - Partly because I’m frustrated and sad and need an outlet to vent. I find that journaling can help. But also because I’ve found it very helpful and reassuring to find other woman’s blogs and realize I’m not the only one struggling with fertility issues. Sharing and learning about other's experiences is a big part of the coping process. I know the journey is only going to become more challenging. I hope to one day to be able to share this experience with our family and close friends as I know we’ll need their support. But I do know that everyone will be wondering come months down the road why we haven't conceived yet and maybe sharing this experience will help all those to understand what a difficult road this has been for us. Also maybe I can look back at this and see how far we have come or how much we have gone through in hopes of making the best choices for both our marriage and health.

Please feel free to follow me on this journey at your own risk.  I can't promise it will be fun and exciting or happy and blissful, but I can promise that it will be real.   Please keep in mind, this is my outlet to vent so my emotions and honesty could be offensive at times.  I don't mean to be and am apologizing in advance, but in all reality this is an emotional roller coaster and this is how I feel.  I know God has a plan for us and sometimes I feel like I'm just along for the ride too, learning, growing, and become a better person at the same time.  It may not be easy, but this is our journey to our family and I'm confident somehow someway we will have our family.

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