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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year New Hope

We had a great New Year just celebrating the two of us in Indy, we went to dinner and then stayed in a hotel.  It was nice to celebrate alone and do our own thing for our first New Years together.  I couldn't really drink a whole lot so there was no reason to go out and make big plans.  So a nice relaxing New Years was just what we needed. 
So the first try didn't work, but though it was a little disappointing I'm still trying to stay positive as most of the time I don't think it does.  So it's on to the next cycle.  The side effects have ramped up, the headaches are sometimes unbearable, the ovary cramping at the beginning of the cycle is not fun, and the hot flashes just add to it all.
So I've started a new diet and exercise plan.  I'm still trying to spin as much as possible and do my moderate work outs like elliptical more often since those are less intense and I'm doing yoga again.  That makes me feel a lot better, though these workouts are a lot harder to get through because my body doesn't like them as much, they do make me feel a little better.  And now I'm on the Endo diet that is supposed to help suppress the hormones that cause Endo.  So no red meat, no caffeine, no dairy (well at least cutting back), no alcohol (I've cut back to a glass or 2 of wine a week).  Ugh but all these lifestyle changes right now are so hard because I feel like I don't know if they are helping or not.
I find out in 2 days how many follicles I have this cycle and then we move on from there, just trying to stay positive.