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Monday, July 25, 2011

Updated Blog

I'm moving to a new blog that my family and friends can follow along with also.  Please follow this new blog...

Warning:  The blog is a continuation of our journey, but will be documenting the baby now too.  It will have some pregnancy related info and photos.  If you don't want to follow along, I completely understand and won't be offended.  I just wanted to create a site where our family and friends could be updated on the baby's progress too.  We don't want to post pics and excessive updates on facebook, so we thought a blog would be the best way.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Healthy Hearbeat

One healthy beautiful heartbeat!  Sadly the twin was actually a vanishing twin and the other sac was much smaller and could barely be seen.  I am so grateful for our one healthy baby, we were able to see and hear the heartbeat.  Which was absolutely amazing!  I'm 9 weeks today, so I'm still in that nervous stage.  I'm worried about the quality of my uterus after the septum resection and just hoping everything is going to be okay.  I was released from the RE today.  Graduating from their office was bittersweet.  I'm going to miss the staff there, but I'm definitely not going to miss infertility treatment.  I have my next appointment with my regular OB in 4 weeks, which seems like forever.  I'm not going to be able to see my baby for 4 weeks.  I'm going to be so nervous for the remainder of the first trimester.   I feel so blessed right now, God is good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

One Maybe Two

We had our first ultrasound last week and I'm still a little in shock.  We had 2 sacs, but could only see 1 baby and 1 heartbeat in one of the sacs.  The empty sac looked a lot smaller than the other one.  We are not sure if it's a sac that didn't develop or we just couldn't see anything yet because it's so early.  I would have been about 6 weeks and 3 days at that point.  So the doctor said there is a 50/50 chance we are having twins!  I didn't expect that, but I'm excited.  It took a few days for the news to settle in and next week we'll know for sure if it's twins or just one.  I was relieved to see at least one heartbeat but am a little concerned about the empty sac.  This is going to be a long week waiting for the next ultrasound.